We endorse Diana Love for CADEM Secretary!

Diana Love, CADEM Secretary Candidate,  is endorsed by the Mojave Desert Democratic Club!
Here is her pledge:
Recently, California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks released a set of commitments which he pledged to uphold during his campaign. I accept the invitation which he extended to other candidates in this race for Party leadership and pledge to make those same commitments to Democratic voters. I also pledge that if elected I will work with my colleagues to usher in a new era of transparency and inclusivity within our Party. As a candidate for
CADEM Party secretary, I swear to abide by the following commitments: Both I and my campaign team will adhere to the Party’s Code of Conduct and will abide by any decisions made by the Party’s Independent Ombudsperson, Third-Party Investigator(s), and/or Conduct Commission. Neither I nor my campaign team will disparage the background, qualifications, or viewpoints of another candidate, their campaign team, or their supporters. They will make their case. I will make mine. Delegates will decide. Neither I nor my campaign team will harass, threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against any Delegate who seeks to engage in the election of Party Officers – whether they choose to support one candidate over another or no candidate at all. This includes any attempts to alter any present or future opportunities of leadership, employment, or access. In the event my supporters engage in the activities expressed in (2) and (3), I will call upon them to disengage from such activities immediately. I hope that other candidates in this race join us in pledging to uphold these commitments. Let’s ensure that this year’s CADEM Party Convention and the election are the most productive and spirited in our Party’s history. Diana Love, Candidate for California Democratic Party Secretary

Thank you, Carmen Hernandez for your years of service on Barstow City Council!

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! Thanks to all the club members who worked on the 2020 campaign!

Thank you Chris Bubser for running for Congress!


Citizenship Day Celebration

Citizenship Day Celebration
by Dale Jensen

Elena Rivera introduces Barstow’s newest naturalized Americans citizens at the Citizenship Day dinner at Los Domingos Restaurant. (photo by Dale Jensen)

Published Tuesday, September 24,  2019, in the Desert Dispatch

The city of Barstow welcomed its newest Americans at the Citizenship Day Celebration dinner at Los Domingos Restaurant on September 17, 2019.

Sponsored by the Mojave Desert Democratic Club, Jane Kolar, club president, welcomed the 80 attendees and the nine honorees. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Marine Corps Master Sergeant Tiana Tien who was born in Vietnam.

Elena Rivera, event organizer, and Mike Ziemer presented flowers and American flags to the following new citizens: Elfida Aguilar de Butticci, Eusebio Jaimes Diaz, Gloria Elena Ramirez, Lizette Hailey, Luis Quinonez, Maria Elena Guillen, Rachelle S. Schmidt, and Sozy Gad. The new Americans come from Mexico, the Philippines, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Syria, and Egypt.

Maxim Atalla, co-owner of Los Domingos Restaurant and Oggi’s Barstow, was also recognized for his contribution to the community. He is a naturalized American citizen from Syria.

Marcellino “Chico” Garza, Special Assistant to the Superintendent of the San Bernardino County Schools, gave an inspirational speech on his life as a son of migrant farm workers in Texas. Although he had difficulty with English and did not finish high school until age 25, he pursued a college degree and has had a successful career in education.

Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre read the City of Barstow Proclamation with Councilman Tim Silva distributing the document. Elaine Villareal presented certificates from County Supervisor Dawn Rowe, and Rivera presented certificates from Assemblyman Jay Olbernolte. Carrie O’Neal from Barstow Unified School District and Michelle Colleoc from Barstow Community College discussed services locally for people desiring to learn English and study for citizenship.

The Citizenship Day Celebration will become an annual event. Contact Elena Rivera at 760-590-2885 if you will become a naturalized citizen in the coming year or if you know someone who will.

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